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Pain after colonoscopy

Diagnosed with Post Infection IBS few months back . Started experiencing on and off pain on left side . Gastro Dr said it was the colon and all part of the ibs . Had my colonoscopy yesterday afternoon to make sure it was nothing else . Had so much pain on left side once the anaesthetic wore off . Could hardly stand up straight . Took Panadol and slept with a hot water bottle . Woke up with the same pain today . Anyone that can help ?

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I got Post infectious IBS too. I have left hand side pain if I haven't empty my bowel..bowel I mean diarrhea or very soft stool. Once that is flushed out then pain is gone. When I had my coloscopy I was in a lot of pain. My back I can't lie down. I had sit up straight with hot water bottle on my back and threw up a lot. For me it lasted a day but keep an eye on it if it get worst I will contact doctor


A day is good enough. I called today spoke to his secretary said he was in theatre and he will get back to me. So painful ! Don't seem like Panadol or Advil works here


Hot water bottle and olive oil before eating

Magic French Pepsane works better than Gaviscin

Try to walk a little


Thanks heaps but ff to the emergency dept now . Can't deal with it . Nothing is working . No hot bottle or Panadol they are no good. Called dr earlier on . His secretary called back and said shouldn't be from the procedure and I should go emergency . Very caring I thought . Wanker!


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