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Pholcodine linctus might have been a mistake

I've had a cold thing that's dragged on and am in the tickly cough phase. I very rarely get a cough and haven't taken anything for years but as this is keeping me awake I thought I'd risk a medication. The pharmacist recommended pholcodine. I was a bit wary but tried two doses last night. I think it was a huge mistake as have such severe abdominal pain today. I looked it up after I'd taken it. A bit silly but there you go. I think everything in it is a no-no. Anyone else had experience with it or found an OK cough soother. Many thanks, sue.

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Hi, I'm just coming to the end of a similar cold and, like you, had a tickly cough. I never use cough medicines. Before bed I have a throat pastille - something like Soothers or Jakemans and/or a hot lemon drink. I also put Lavender drops on a tissue and keep it close to my nose and....sleep like a log. May sound old fashioned but its better than medicating.

Hope you get better soon :)

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The only thing I use when I have a cough is Halls Soothers - you can use as many in a day as you like

I usually put one in my miuth when I go to bed and it sticks to the roof of my mouth and if I wake up during the night a few hours later it's still there working away

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