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Resistant Starch and Chinese yam to the rescue for your gut!

If you have IBS especially D then you know you need to avoid all raw foods and bad foods and focus on healing your cells. You need special starch. they double as probiotics and heal you!

please try this I've been using this blend and my D has slowed down :-)

Link for more information below:


You can use my iherb code: QWV374 for a discount to buy the resistant starch

I have no affiliation and get nothing from these posts i just REALLY want to help as I've been through it all and no it is not fun to suffer!

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Worth noting that resistant starch can make some people's symptoms worse. Resistant starch is often the result of cooling products like rice and potato. The starch in these foods creates additional bonds which the body can't digest but bacteria can. If you've already suffer from gas, resistant starch (or reheating/eating cold rice/potatoes) could make things more uncomfortable.


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