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Has anyone had this symptom before?


I'm a 32 year old fairly active male in better than average shape. My symptom happened right after doing a workout set, my heart rate was still high at this point, as I sat down on the bench and leaned forward, I felt my breathing being constricted, as I got up and walked around the feeling went away. Anyone know what can this be? I'm pretty sure it's NOT my heart as I'm pretty active and don't have chest pains when working out.

Something tells me it might be esophagus or stomach related?


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Is it happening a lot or has it only happened once? I suspect that perhaps by leaning forward you pushed your stomach up into your diaphragm which made it harder to breathe. You can experience the difference just by trying to take deep breathes while leaning forward and leaning back. You'll be able to take deeper breathes when leaning back.

If your heart was still beating fast the problem was probably exacerbated because you couldn't breathe in enough air to help get rid of the excess carbon dioxide in your blood stream. The fact that the symptoms improved once you stood up again is further evidence of all this.


That makes a lot of sense thanks!

And yes it only happened once or couple of times in the past.


I have all kinds of strange symptoms like this that seem to be caused by gas and or stomach issues while during and post work outs. I think at least for me it's my gut relaxing due to the work out and them my motility increasing. Passing gas.. Lots of gut noise etc. I have to say in some cases it feels like chest pain. But as I was told.. If chest pain fades quickly if you take an anti gas or antacid then it's 99 percent not a heart attack...


has ayone thought about a diaphramatic heria? iut can cause pain simillar t heart attack. Id say, go to a docto for tests??

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