To-day when out shopping with my wife, I suddenly felt what I can only describe as a discomfort ,like trapped wind and stomach acid , high up in my stomach. It then gradually feels like it moves slowly downwards until it eventually appears to start an IBS D episode.

I had a meal later and had further BMs and urgent toilet episodes. It felt like what ever caused it needed to be flushed/ expelled from the system. Then more or less fine now.

This also happened a week or so ago in very similar circumstances. This seems like yet another new IBS symptom for me and it was worrying when out ,because somehow ,from the outset , I knew at the outset that it was going to result in an urgent toilet dash.

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms. I would add that I had only eaten 2slices of toast and marmalade with a cup of green tea prior to heading out. I just find changes in symptoms very disconcerting and recently I have noticed a few changes . I was used to dealing with symptoms and episodes in the morning but lately attacks seem to be later in the day .



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  • Found toast did that to me. I've been diagnosed with ibs-d for 30 years and been wheat and dairy free for 13. Unfortunately everyone has to find their own trigger. Good luck.

  • Whatever you eat will cause the bowel to start peristalsis which is the body's natural function of muscle spasms to expel waste through the digestive system. Unfortunately for those of us with IBS D this can result in diving for toilets at some point. I too used to always go in early morning but also mine seems to have moved to sometime between 12 and 2pm. Haven't found a cause but being gluten free and dairy free has helped to make the consistency of my stools more solid and I do take half an Imodium instant 2-3 times a day when it is going through a really bad patch

  • Try Apple cider vinegar with mother recipe.. Solution to many problems.... Have it 4 times with water...... See the change

  • I have just been diagnosed with severe bile acid malabsorption. This is where the body makes too much bile, which is a natural laxative. The diagnosis was made by having a Sehcat test. Many consultants are recognising this now as a cause for 'IBS D'. Your symptoms do sound very similar to what I used to get. I now take a medication to prevent this and so far it has worked. No more diahrrea. I don't know if you from UK, but you can get this test done through the NHS in some areas. I was lucky. It's worth asking at least and if you don't have it at least you would have tried. Good luck.

  • Hi Gillp55,

    Interested in your reply re bile acid malabsorption. That sounds like a strong possibility , as it does feel like acid going through the system. It has happened a few times and more often recently. But it is not there every day .

    I live in the uk , can you advise what is involved in a Sehcat test. My doctor is not big on IBS ,tends to adopt a sort of -just your usual gut problems approach, which I can to some degree understand. I have been going in with this sort of problem every once in a while for many years . The last time was over a year ago and he sent me to a specialist, who more or less said he was totally certain it was just IBS and to just continue to cope with it as I have done for years. I resolved to leave it at that but continue to seek alternative medicine cures etc.

    The problem is the unpredictability of changing symptoms which adds to the problem --you get stressed going anywhere in case an episode occurs and I also get wary of eating anything ,in case !! That does not , I would imagine, help with having an acidic stomach. I have experienced this type of symptom in the past , maybe a few years ago, then it disappeared .

    Anyway thanks for you information , if you can advise re test etc ., I would be very grateful.


  • Hi Will1234,

    Like you I think my GP was so sick and tired of me complaining about my constant diahrrea, and related symptoms I.e. gas, cramps etc, etc, he finally referred me to the Gastroenterology department of our local hospital. The consultant listened and concluded it could he BAM. It's easier if you Google Sehcat scan as it is quite a scientific procedure involving nuclear medicine. But it has worked for me. The most frustrating part is getting the referral. Why oh why don't our GPs listen more. I had to put up with this for 12 years. Good luck :-)

  • Thanks for info.


  • Thanks for the replies everyone ,stomach still feels a bit acidic to-day. It is hard to define the feeling , almost a bit nauseous. Trying omeprazole this morning.

    I normally like a vodka and tonic around evening meal time. I thought that might be a cause but I have not had any alcohol for 3 weeks, so probably not the cause. I have continue to have a glass of Tonic Water , might be a cause , it certainly is a bit gassy.

    I am going away to Tenerife for most of February and wish I could solve this but I guess it is just all part of IBS.

    I have found someone locally ( in UK) who does Vega testing and I think I will try this when I get back home.

    Thanks everyone, for some inexplicable reason , it just seems to help chatting about it to others with similar problems. Those who do not have IBS really just don't understand. My wife tries but I know she gets fed up with all my bowl issues and sometimes having to abandon things or not do them at all.

    Will 1234

  • I do not drink green tea anymore. Some find comfort and wonders it it for me it causes gas and them bowel movements. I have found to stick with my daily routine and that is to get up in enough time to eat and go more than once if I have to.

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