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Struggling :(

Hi everybody

I've had IBS for nearly a year now and I have to say it's been a difficult one! Have had to change my diet so drastically and got so stressed I've lost 15 kilos ruined my social life and developed anxiety and depression. Was feeling slightly better after being referred to a nutritionist as they want me to start the low FODMAP diet for 8 weeks after Christmas. I went to my work Christmas party yesterday and drank alcohol for the first time in a year as is previously been too worried about how my body would react. Had small bottles of beer and woke up at 2.30 this morning with really bad acid reflux now I still feel nauseas. I feel like I've had enough as it's just one thing after another . Has anyone else had any experiences when it comes to alcohol? Thanks x

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I found it not worth drinking alcohol as there are always adverse consequences. Don't drink tea or coffee either for the same reason.




Only drink watered red wine with food and whiskey or brandy with hot water and sugar to relieve bloating and wind NbTake a little wine for thy stomachs sake NT


Sorry you feeling this way, I am afraid beer is a big no no for me, haven't drunk for years now, as this is exactly how it affects me. I hope you feel better soon.


Thankyou everyone for your advice it's very helpful :)x



Yes I cannot touch any alcohol at now,although spirits aren't so bad it's just what you mix them with as anything fizzy upsets me too.

This is probably the worst time of year with parties as it's so hard to find foods that don't upset you.A nhs nutritionist will be a great start though as before I saw mine I was on a very limited diet,it's a slow process finding what works for you but after about 18 months I feel I am getting somewhere.

Hope you get on well with the fodmap.


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Hi there, I just joined as I came across this when yet again surfing the net looking for info. I have tried the low fodmap diet and it is really hard but it has helped me. Unfortunately I'm not strong enough to keep to it completely and I find trying to reintroduce certain foods to see if they effect me difficult to detect. But I just found the York test site where you do a simple blood test , and they can detect what effects you, they had good reviews the down side is the cost £299! I don't have this kind of money to try it now but will save up and give it a go. I just thought you all may be interested and you may have the money, it will save a lot of time trying to figure out what effects you and what doesn't. Anyway if not interested sorry fir wasting your time otherwise check it out yorktest.com

Good luck hope you figure your diet out



Hi Shaun thankyou for the information I will definitely look into it :) I haven't started the diet yet as I thought with Christmas coming up it will be hard to stick to so I'm going to start it in the new year but I think it will be hard not to get tempted by certain foods . I hope your ok :)


After many years of suffering I tried York test and was amazed by the results. I would never in a million years of elimination diets have worked out what was causing my problems. Best money I ever spent. I found I was intolerant to egg white, dairy, yeast, certain nuts. Good luck with your journey and hope you feel well soon. :-)


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