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So sorry to hear that you suffering so badly from pain from your ibs. Are you still having the hypnotherapy has it done you any good at all? it's awful when you pin your hopes on trying something and it does not work, I know my fibromyalgia is the worst I have ever had it, I have an appointment for the pain management clinic on 21st March, but not holding out much hope for much improvement.

Had to wait a month for Graham's funeral which is on the 16th March, which prolonging the pain, my Son has been very good and helped with all the paperwork such a lot to do. I do miss him very much, always expect him to be in his chair when I come in the house.

My Son is insisting that I move nearer to him, and I do think it is a good idea, but the stress of moving is increasing my abxiety nd stress, will be so glad when everything has settled down and I can relax more.

Have you tried the pain management clinic for chronic pain? A lot of people seem to benefit from them, but as they say they do not help everyone, but have to try everything, wish I could go to the Fibromyalgia clinic in London and have Dr's who really understand it, most GP's do not understand it or even believe in it. And it's wait, wait, wait in the NHS.

How is your Daughter in Law getting on with Fibro? Has she found a way to manage it,

Can deal with things better when younger.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Pat xxxxx

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Hi Pat, seems an awful long time for Graham's funeral,I can understand the stress you must be under. As for going and liveing by your son I think that's a good idea,and I'm sure he will help you where he can.Mabe it would be worth the stress. Haveing said that I know pain is not easy to deal with. I start my hypnotherapy the 22nd March,so a while to wait yet. As for stress well,I've got 3sons and one is being evicted from his home for not paying his rent ( that's the middle one) then the eldest one who left one girl with two children and never helped her in any way,he married another girl had two more children,then because his first two boys,who we have always kept in touch with, don't want to see him so he asked his dad to arrange going for a drink with them and his dad said no your problem you sought it. He's fell out with us. Now my youngest son wants to go and have it out with them both for giving his mom and dad so much stress. But he ho such is life. You take my advise Pat and at this stage in life you do what's right forYOU. Take care Big Hug coming your way.xx. Keep in touch.


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