I want to ask my employer if I can work part-time instead of full-time, my IBS has flared up and having stomach pains which come on anytime?

I work full-time having started this job approx. 6 mths ago. I work in a small team of 4 but there is a woman who I work with who has a volatile nature. Never quite sure when she is going to 'flare up'. Her experience keeps her employed there, but I think it is causing me underlying stress coupled with the nature of the job which is stressful to me (maybe not to others as we all experience stress at different levels). Anyway, I want to change to part-time hours as I think it will be better for me and my health. Is it reasonable for me to ask for part-time hours, like a job-share where I work mornings? Has anyone experience this kind of situation before?

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  • Perhaps you could seek some advice from somewhere like the citizens advice bureau or the Shaw Trust? Somewhere that can support you and your employer within the disabilty laws? I wish you all the best-I have been left unemployable at 29 because of my IBS and wonder if I will ever earn another penny again so please hang in there and I hope it all works out for you.

  • Maybe approaching the cause of the problem would be better? does this woman know that her behaviour upsets you? she may be appalled. unless the flare ups are aimed at you then may be try some techniques to recognise that. my boyfriend is French and often his use of English can sound like a flare up at me but it's not meant that way. we both try to work on this. goodd luc.im just not sure going part time will help. also...maybe keep your eyes open for other opportunities.

  • In terms of disability advice the best place to look is acess to work. They support people with a disability in the work place by doing a work based assessment which recommends reasonable adjustments. I have dylexica and have had this done a few times

  • Thank you to everyone for your comments. The woman in question has already had 2 disciplinaries and is known for her behaviour, has been on Anger management courses, and other staff have said they won't work with her. My manager told me that his manager has told everyone to 'tread carefully' around her......so nothing will be done about her..................

    I will check out the other avenues as mentioned here.

  • really so she is allowed to behave like this, perhaps she has some kind of mental disability , or perhaps she is related to the manager

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