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New, 5 year old son still in coma nearly 3 months after accident


I'm new, my name is Andy and a single dad of 3 sons. Identical twins aged 7 and a singleton aged 5.

In 2 days time, it will be 3 months since my youngest son Zac suffered brain injuries in a freak accident at a swimming pool and is still in a coma on a children's ward.

From what I remember Zac was walking into the swimming pool area from the changing rooms and slipped head first onto the floor in front of a close friend, me and his identical twin brothers.

Zac suffered two separate bleeds on the brain 5 days apart from each other, both needing emergency surgery and he spent a month in intensive care before being move to the children's ward.

My identical twin sons understand that their brother is in a deep sleep from hurting his head and can't wake up but will do when he is ready to, they are allowed to visit their brother. I allowed them to do this when Zac was moved to the children's ward.

I also have a supportive group of friends and a girlfriend who have been taking it in turns to visit Zac in hospital when I can't due to the hours I work.

Will update you as soon as they is any change in Zac's condition.


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So sorry, how is he doing now?

Love your message,bad times happen when you least expect it and I hope he will recover to good health.

How are you Andy?

God bless! Becky


Oh my goodness, that must have been terrible. 3>