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Can i get a second PET CT Scan before treatment starts?


I have been diagnosed with Tonsil cancer, i been having alternative treatment before radiotherapy and would like another scan before treatment starts, can i get one on the NHS or will i have to pay for this?

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Have you had your radiotherapy planning CT scan yet? this is done before treatment starts to map the area to be treated. it is doubtful they would do a PET scan however

I realize this is a bit late but can I get a 2nd PET. I have colorectal cancer and have had CT pneunocolon, sigmoid biopsy, CT chest, MRI and finally CT PET. I'm on chemo now. The plan now is chemo, chemoradiotherapy, restage and surgery. As I understand it PET is deciding factor as to where it is and if it has spread. Mine hasn't but after all this treatment, could well have.