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Extra things in scrotum


From more than 3-4 yrs i have a extra things in my scrotum in left side beside the left ball. I don't know what is it. When i press it, it goes to the upper in my body and vanished. After some times it comes. When i in bed or siiting position after pressing it it goes and not comes, when start walk or stand the scrotum hanging ,then this things comes.i am a 20 yrs old boy.

What is it? It have any problem?

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Best see a GP for advice for this.

Hey sarkar789,

Whippit is right here, if you are worried about it or causing you problems then best bet is to see your GP, don't be embarrassed about it, they see similar issues like this on a daily basis let them check and if you need to be referred then better checking this out sooner rather than later, sounds like a possible infection which is treatable and also this will put your mind at ease.

hope this helps mate.