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Cancer Drugs Fund in Wales - or Lack of it

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Is anyone else concerned about the lack of a cancer drugs fund in Wales? It would be good to get to know people who feel the current postcode lottery is unfair, or equally people who question why patients in England have access to drugs that are denied in Wales. We all pay NI and Tax on a national basis so why the regional differences.

I was denied a drug Avastin by my local health board - Cardiff and the Vale NHS Trust. My oncologist then suggested a clinical trial at the Royal Marsden that would pay for it - a total care cost of about £34,000 all provided by the clinical trial and therefore a saving to the Wales NHS. The Health Board refused that too.

Now I have an address in England and I have started a course of the drug that gives an additional average 9 months of life. It's better than just sitting it out in Wales and feeling cheated.

I've love to hear from anyone who has similar worries to mine. xx