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Rheumy appointment

Had my appointment on monday. My Lupus active and iron elevated ++. Am still struggling with headaches but hope they will soon be better! Still tapering on my steroids and this week am on 15mg. I want to be on the lowest dose as I don't like the side effects of steroids... especially weight gain.... which I have gained since february. I have put on 1.5stone and am trying to shed it off!! Keep on keeping on Lupies! x

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I was diagnosed with sle in 2001 after I had a stroke and inflammation of the bowel and a dreadfully painfully rash I was prescribed 400 mg of hydroxychlroquine (a drug used to treat malaria) as I suffer mania on steroids I have since had womb cancer in 2011 then I got caught in the sun in 2013 it caused the lupus rash over 60% of my body took months to clear it also affected my nervous system. I have not had any major probe since except tierdness and weight gain but I have trouble sleeping any advice guys


I am also in the same situation with you where I cannot sleep for more than 3 hours. I have tried herbal tea camomile but not of much help. I guess this is part of the lupus disease. hope someone here will give you a positive reply.

Take care