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TB The psychological impact

It’s clear that TB can have a very damaging effect on an individuals body, however TB comes with it’s own mindset that can be just as damaging and may even stay with a person after they have recovered physically.

My experience with TB was very isolating. I struggled just as much mentally as I did physically. I’d had a near death experience and I felt that nobody quite understood what I had been through. Even though all this happened over 30 years ago I wish I’d had the opportunity to express my feelings on a website like this.

If anyone is struggling with this illness mentally just as they are physically, then say so, it might help prepare you to get back into the big bad world in better frame of mind.

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Hi, i too had a hard time mentally, mainly to do with my treatment and found it hard each day to take my meds. I do think we TB people never think about the psychological impact it has on your lives. This is abig problem and does need to be addressed to help others who are in the same boat as we once was.


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