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**An important note on moderation**


Due to staffing changes resulting from the COVID-19 situation, TB Alert has limited resources to moderate this forum though we will respond to as many posts as we can and you can continue to use the forum for emotional support.

Before posting, please check to see if your query is answered already on one of TB Alert’s websites or in previous posts on this site. The TB Alert website tbalert.org provides detailed information about TB and includes information about the relationship between TB and COVID-19. You may also wish to visit The Truth About TB, thetruthabouttb.org, for information specific to the UK. The information on these sites has been approved by medical professionals.

If you have any symptoms that include cough, fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, night sweats and tiredness, please follow government guidance on self-isolation and seek medical advice if your symptoms last longer than seven days or if you develop severe difficulty breathing.

**General enquiries, including supporting TB Alert**

If you have a general enquiry about TB Alert’s work or how to support our work, please contact us using this online form: tbalert.org/contact

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