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Please read the American Society for Biology > Origins of Combination therapy for tuberculosis : lessons for the future

A very enlightening 'paper' from the American Society for Biology re Origins of Combination therapy for tuberculosis : Lessons for future antimicrobial development and application.......

It is comforting to see there are many dedicated doctors and researchers determined to eradicate tuberculosis. the past researchers and doctors deserve much appreciation and thanks for their fantastic work.

This present writing is said to be the work of Christopher A Keranzas and William R Jacobs jr...... Long may they prosper in their writings.

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Thanks for sharing. I will have a read!


Hello HelenC can you see my post to a lady who's husband has been diagnosed with NH Lymphoma in the abdomen? I wrote a reply to her which I hope is educational for her and her husband....... without I hope any 'scare tactics' involved.

Re my reasoning re this message is that unknown quantity re the misdiagnosis

possibility between Lymphoma and Tubercular lymphadenitis...... As per my message to the writer who husband has been diagnosed with NHLymphoma I

was told by 'my' TB specialist that it was known in the sixties which of course is well before the distinct possibility due to all my 'evidence' in my written medical notes that I was diagnosed with None Hodgekins ( follicular) lymphoma that I did not have.

The ironic facts of the matter seems to stem from the fact that my TB medical history was never evaluated because the medical professionals never read my notes. As I've said before I find that practice unforgivable and ridiculous and as of last year should be legislated to make doctors read all patients medical histories. In my case the facts are that a great deal of incompetence and

outright unprofessional conduct 'ruled the day.'

Since it can be seen that a great many mistakes have been made to this day all

doctors will do all they can to avoid admitting any mistakes whatsoever. So much for the NHS's = Doctors must be 'candid' program !



No, I didn't. Is it on this forum or for another condition?



Dear helen -I hope you are well....... I cannot for the life of me remember if I mentioned an important bit of info accepted from 'my' Tuberculosis lady Doctor.

She informed me that the research establishment and certain doctors knew as far back as the sixties that there could be a cross misdiagnosis of Folicular ( None Hodgekin's Lymphoma) and tubercular lymphadenitis.........

Because I did not know that it is a fact that latent TB can re-emerge at any time in a person's lifetime to become active TB I did not research into that knowledge till 2016. I was and still am astounded that she emphasized that only certain doctors would know 'the facts'.......... Time for a big advert of those facts I would think?


Yes latent TB Bacteria are what you have breathed into your lungs from someone with active TB but they are ‘asleep’ inside you. As with anything that is asleep, it can unfortunately wake up and cause havoc!


Please did you see my posting re the fact that certain types of Lymphoma can be misdiagnosed and if the lab is not advised that a patient's sample of tissue is not 'labelled' previous Tubercular history that sample biopsy will not be clinically tested for TB.......... Only certain doctors knew that since the sixties.... seems abysmal to me and now I have lots of written evidence that is most certainly clear that a misdiagnosis happened to the tune that I had radiotherapy when I did not need it !

All doctors 'club together' to create a smoke screen to protect each other when they 'suspect' that there may be hassle coming their way. It seems sure that it's a hell of an unofficial club they are all in & much better than any 'Mason's organisation'.

But try proving that which I have found to be nigh on impossible!

The NHS's candidacy policy is most definitely not working but is bandied about to keep us punters smiling. Is it that the quality of education amongst the medical fraternity has decreased over the years here in the UK? The fact that it has been stated by a medical professor who is in the field of 'patient safety' that one in six patients are misdiagnosed and that is most probably 'the tip of the iceberg'!

That is very worrying and most surely needs addressing and for a start as I've said before a patients medical history must be read by doctors caring for any patient. That I feel must be within the MUST DO category and must be legislated for.


Hi Micklemus - oh I absolutely agree, doctors do stick together and will never admit their failings. I am so sorry you went through having needless radiotherapy, that’s awful.

Every opportunity to shout about about TB can only be a positive one that’s why I’m writing my story. TB is smarter than science itself so why is it ok to think it doesn’t matter. It weaves itself from person to person causing mass destruction, yet it’s deemed unimportant and that’s simply because no one really cares!


Hottchoc Thank you....... and I'll never forget the 2 'doses' of bone marrow biopsies and the 4" cut below my navel to get at the mesenteric lymph nodes that were swollen and the fact that there was no mention of the TB previous history which guided the lab not to carry out the biopsies as per the legislation to check thoroughly for TB glands! One mistake back in 1990 & then a second mistake in 2013 is 'not on'......... This is why I say there should be legislation to MAKE doctors read all previous medical notes and especially regarding serious notifiable infectious illness.


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