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I am studying TB as a Year 2 Health and Social student, it would be appreciated if anyone would like to help me with my primary research and evidence if i could just ask a few questions about the process of diagnosis and treatment :) email me at georgia.e.swain@live.com :)

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I can briefly give my experiences of TB pericarditis which was now over 35 years ago. It wasn't by any means typical but if you want any more info you can e-mail tom.g5@blueyonder.co.uk


Hi Georgia,

Are you looking for a clinical perspective or patient perspective?

Best wishes,


TB Alert


Hi Helen,

I am looking for whichever I can get. Of course the patient perspective is more important for the effect it has on the individual emotionally, but clinical perspectives are also worthwhile for me to get.


OK. I will see what I can do for you. Can you drop me a line with your email address and telephone number at: helen.clegg@tbalert.org


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