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But why?

Hi! I'm Chelsea and I'm about to turn 24. Before I get to my question here's some background medical information: I've always had stable and regular periods. I was on the pill for a few years and switched to the Nuva Ring (which I love) once I figured out I couldn't remember to take the pill everyday. I was around 8 weeks pregnant with twins the summer of 2013. I had a miscarriage and had a D and C because of it.

Since then I am back in my normal period routine. My issue now is with the Nuva Ring you leave it in for 3 weeks and have your period on the 4th week then insert a new ring on the 5th week (which is the new month) then repeat. I however sometimes do not want to have a period (like I am sure we all do) and I will leave it in for 3 weeks and insert a new ring on the 4th week and just skip my period. Which is great if you can keep up with the weeks, but I struggle with that. So the past two times I have done this I have gotten confused and left the ring in for longer than 3 weeks. Leaving it in longer than instructed can cause pregnancy because the ring is only good for 3 weeks. So every time I take it out to have a period (and see if I'm not pregnant) I don't start right away as normal. So I take a pregnancy test to see, and fortunately I have not been pregnant. So then I'm wondering "why haven't I started my period?". So my boyfriend and I play it safe and when we have sexual intercourse he "pulls out" (I don't know if there's a medical name for that) and right after we are done, BOOM, I start my period and the cramps and PMS start. What I don't understand is why it doesn't start until then? Is my boyfriends penis setting it off? I know that sounds silly but I don't know another way to word it.

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Well, most people who "play it safe and pull out" e.g. not going all the way to Newcastle but jumping off at Gateshead are called - - - - - Parents. That was what we got told at family planning. You've been lucky not falling pregnant honey so ask the nurse or doctor for advise as I have no experience of this ring you mention.


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