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Hi ,I would just like to ask anyone if when you had a Prostate Biopsy did you get the infection called SEPSIS. My husband did. He was in Hostpital haveing a course of intravenous antibiotics,which he finished about 6days ago.

But now my problem being although he's eating well he,has no energy,sleeps a lot,don't want to talk to anyone,don't want to do anything and just generally got no interest in anything.

Has anyone else been in this position and give me any advise on how to help him.

And by the way my GP is useless. Norma

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Hi Norma. sorry to here that your husband had problems with he's biopsy, I have now had three biopsies fortunately with no after effects.

You have not said what the results are but it is a worrying time not knowing what will happen next, it is a pity that your GP is not very good. It might be an idea to speek to the Macmillan nurse they are very helpfull and can put your mind at rest with any questions you might have. Best of luck. Roger


Hi rojule, His results are Prostate Cancer with a Gleeson score of 7.

The problems my husband and I have had are unbelievable,nothing has gone smoothly. The infection he had was called Sepsis,and he was really poorly,he then had intravenous antibiotics,and a caffiter,he was the discharged and was told to ask the GP to take the caffiter out after two weeks,the GP said he couldn't take it out,and given him a number for the district nurses. ( taking into consideration all this time he's unwell)

The district nurse came in yesterday and said she wasn't happy at taking it out as nothing been set up for him in case he can't pee,she also new nothing about his problems as no notes had been passed on. Anyway she done a urine test and said he now has a water infection,which is the reason he's just not picking up. But hopefully she's on the ball and we'll get him sorted now.

He's due to see his specialist on Thursday but that may be cancelled untill next week.

I'm sorry I've ranted on a bit but I'm so annoyed at the mix ups we've had if I new where to complain I would.

By the way he's got his head round the fact he's got Cancer,he's just so depprest about feeling ill. He's normally very healthy and he's never Ill,so I think that's why he can't handle being ill. Thank you for your reply any help I can get Im gratefull for. Norma.


This is one of the reasons I am not having a biopsy. My psa score was 3.04 , my GP is very good but I was not filled with confidence by the urologist. I will be tested again and wait and see if there are any changes


Don't be put off it doesn't happen to everybody. My hubby was just one of the unlucky ones.

If you have no confidence in your Urologist change him.


Hi Norma

this has only just shown up so is a bit late to help however just in case you are still being troubled I thought I would email anyway.

When we get infections it can make you feel very low and can cause depression also In the elderly water infections can cause confusion and aggression. I am not a medical person it is only what I have learned over the last 5 years. As to the cancer my husband was quieter than normal and tended to be within himself. We are at the other end of the radiotherapy and waiting to go back to the urologist (my husband did not take to one of these men so we are hoping to get the other one). My husband also had gleeson 7 and will now be on hormone therapy for another 2 to 3 years. The radiotherapy seems to have been very effective however if you go down that route make sure your husband drinks lots of water. My husband drank 3 litres a day so was up to the toilet a lot during the night. We slept in different rooms so that at least one of usnwas functioning, then I made sure he rested in the afternoon, he is 70 this year. We found through radiotherapy that the bathroom became very important so we tended not to venture far. We heard from others in the waiting room of their dog walking and being caught short whilst out. However I believe that if your husband decides to go down the radiotherapy route he needs to be rid of the debilitating side effects of bowel or bladder infections.

At our hospital they have a MacMillan advice office manned by non medical volunteers but it is a useful reference point. Maybe you have the same at your hospital.

Hopefully now you are under the watchful eye of the district nurses life will get easier, Ihave found our local girls very professional and kind.

I think you will also have seen the specialist as you said your husband was to see him Thursday. Hopefully it went well and you have a more positive view of what is to come.

best wishes



Sorry like you Steph to reply so late,it never showed up. We did see the oncologist last week and my hubby decided on hormone therapy and radiotherapy. I wish I had seen your post earlier it would have explained a few things,like anger,and quiet. Yesterday he had a really bad day he was really low so it was tears,so I rang the Macmillan nurses and after a chat with them he was a bit better they told him to see his GP today.

This morning he seen his GP who told him after having Septseimia his body will be really low for about two months,he said he is not depressed so it's not a mind thing,it's just his body struggling to get back to normal.

I think that's set his mind at rest now knowing why he feels the way he does.

This is a man who has never been ill in 73yrs,so I think he finds it hard to handle. He's used to me being ill and him looking after me.

But thank you for your post as I say that explains a few things,he didn't realise he had to have the hormone treatment for so long.

Anyway I hope your husband is getting as well as can be expected.

And both take care Keep in touch.


Dear Gemini71

Thank you for your warm reply.

If you have the opportunity to research some vitamins that would help his immune system it may help to boost him up a bit. If you are financially in a good position taking advice from a Nutritional Therapist is a good idea. I believe pomegranite and aloe vera are good sources of help to give your husband a boost but I am not qualified to give any real advice.

Yes my hubby is doing well and we have been spending a great deal of time in the garden the last few days as it got a bit out of control last year when he did not feel up to doing much.

Do let me know how you get on.

kind regards



Thank you Stephanie, And by the way my name is NORMA .

He's had quite a good day today he's had a little walk which is what he likes to do,and he's just told me he's hungry,so things are looking up a bit.

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You know you are entitled to a second opinion on his condition. It is your right if you are not happy with the way you are been treated. I hope he improves soon. I was lucky I just had to cope with piles which eventually went after some treatment. Try not to worry too much i. Know it's hard. Good luck.

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