Hi All,I'm a newbie on here. I am the wife of a man who was told last night he had Postrate Cancer,needless to say we're both worried. I'll try to explain our situation .

My husband is usually a very fit 72yr old,untill he was told last night he has Postrate Cancer.

We were told on a scale of 1-10 10 being aggressive he was a 7. He was told to go home and for us to get our heads around it,and the consultant would see us again in a months time. Now he did give him some options.

1-radiotherapy 2-operation 3-Hormone Treatment. Now as this is all new to us Im asking you lovely people for some of your experiences to help him come to a decision.

My husband is my carer,as I have multiple health issues. He has never been ill in his life let alone hostpitalize for just over a week.

Any advise or comments anyone has on this terrible decease would be really appreciated. We are both feeling a bit left hanging.

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  • Hi Gemini71, sorry to hear your news , but I contacted this site a few weeks ago as a new member as my husband has Prostate cancer diagnosed around 5 1/2 years ago his Gleeson score was 7, and he was advised to have Hormone treatment which he has been on since then, I can,t give you any advice on which course of treatment your husband should follow, but I do know that it doesn,t have to be the worst scenario, My husband was 76 when he was diagnosed and quite often the older generation tend to have the slower growing cancer, of course everyone is different and I,m sure your consultant will discuss the options with you,and help your husband to decide the best option for him, My husband has always been very fit with no obvious problems ,so it was a shock to us to find he had Prostate cancer. Since his diagnosis he has had a triple heart bypass ,something else that was suddenly sprung on us, but because he was fit even with the diagnosis of Prostate cancer they felt it worth doing the bypass, my point being ,that although he has Prostate cancer he is still, with the Hormone treatment, still considered well , It will be a worry until you get something sorted and of course you will be concerned but we do only tend to think the worst .My thoughts will be with you, and I do hope all goes well.

  • Has your husband has a PSA blood test?

    My husband noticed differences, was given the blood test and the result came back at 44.5. His options were hormone treatment and possibly radiotherapy together. He did not do well with the specialist in Eurology but the Oncologist was totally on the case. My husband who will be 70 soon went to see the GP for further advice but did not feel confident after his appointment so decided to take the radiotherapy and continue with the hormone treatment. Apparently the hormone treatment reduces the cancer growth. The Oncologist said that the trick to radiotherapy was to stay hydrated and so recommended that hubby drank at least 3 litres of water a day. No caffeine drinks so non caffeine tea drinks like nettle tea and definitely no alcohol. We got through the 37 treatments with a light diet and sometimes we went to bed by 6.30 where my husband could rest and go to the bathroom with relative speed and ease. That much water has its inevitable consequences and radiotherapy can stir up the bowel. Being near toilets was a necessity so no long walks!

    There is quite a lot of information to be found on the internet some of it can be worrying but it is a case of picking through what applies to you.

    Today we are 2 months passed the treatment, we are back to eating normally and my husband apparently seems well if just a bit tired but then we are that age when it is okay to be a bit tired. The most recent PSA number was 1.9 with the expectation that this will keep reducing.

    Whilst taking the treatment it was not uncommon for at least 5 or 6 other men waiting for similar treatments and all having radiotherapy for similar lengths of time. All seemed quite positive about their treatments - it would seem to be quite a "normal" cancer to treat successfully.

    I hope you have a good oncologist, please take heart that prostate cancer for most seems to be very slow growing so you have time to make decisions.

  • First of all, the good news is that if you have been given options, the cancer has not spread and it is treatable.

    What sort of treatment would depend on where you live and what is the most up to date you need to ask what sort os radiotherapy you are being offered, if it is IMRT or Brachytherapy, either of those would be be good options. If surgery is offered, make sure it it robotic surge done with a daVinci robot. This makes the surgery much less invasive and only a couple of days in hospital. All of the above are curative treatments but hormone treatment is not. It will controle the cancer but not cure it. On the plus side, your husband will not be inconvenienced in any way, but once the treatment kicks in he will feel fatigued and have hot flushes which can be very unpleasant.

    Please try to find out if there is a local support group near you and then you can meet other patients and learn from their experience.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Norma,

    I am sorry to hear about your husband, it must gave come as a terrible shock to you both. After reading the posts here on this site, I am sure you will get lots if advice and support.

    We never know what is around the corner as we grow older, I know i have had my share the last 8 months, but I am leaving Birmingham next week Friday the 1st of May to Frisby on the Wreake nr Melton Mowbray, to be near my Son.

    I have a neighbour who has Protrate cancer, with treatment he has had it for the past 14 years and lives a very normal life he is also Carer to his wife and he is one of the most cheerful men I have ever met

    How are you keeping yourself? Apart from the worry concerning your husband

    ,are you still having the Hypnotherapy is it helping?.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Love and Hugs.


  • Hi Pat,My husband had a biopsy the night before we went for one of my hypnotherapy sessions,the next day we went to Manchester,when I came out he was feeling really ill,I don't know how we got home. On the night I dialled 999, and he was took to stoke,it turned out to be a blood infection.

    I've had 2of the most draining and worrying weeks of my life.And my boys don't make things any easier.

    Anyway I haven't really had a chance to see if the hypnotherapy works with all what's been going on.

    But I think we'll get through it with the help of people on this forum,it's sounds quite encouraging and Positive.

    I hope all works out for you Pat when your near your son.

    Keep in touch and Take Care x

  • I would just like to say a big thank you to these people on this Forum that have replied.

    You have all given us both a lot more Positiveity,and Hope. It definitely helps when you have people who have experienced an illness rather than the advise of people who don't.

    Thank you all,and anyone who can pass on anymore information I would genuinely Appreciate.

  • I had prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 7 many years ago. Over 8 years at. Least

    It was about 3 months total before it was decided that radiotherapy was the best route for me and I was involved in the decision as I asked why when they told me. A lot of the time was scans and even setting my position and marking my skin for the machine.

    At the beginning while they decided they did put me on Zoladex and my PSA did start come down from the 25 it was.

    Of course there are more choices than just Radiotherapy and I am sure they will talk to you about all of what is available and why the one they recommended.

    I know its hard the waiting but I am sure by now they really know what they are doing.

    I had finished all treatment for about 5 years and them my Psa started to rise last year but as I was seeing the oncologist annually plus having a psa check every 6 months it was found.

    I am now back on Zoladex and it is falling rapidly. Once I get 2 consecutive low readings the same they will take me off it. Then 6 month checks again.

    I’m nearly 77 now, still active as I’m sure many other people are. Try not to worry it’s been found and treatment will fix it.

    take care


  • Hi Ray, thank you for your reply,it sounds very encouraging.

    But I do have a couple of concerns,one being,when my husband had the biopsy the very next day he had the infection that I've now found out called Sepsis. He was in hospital for about 5days Haveing intravenous antibiotics,they then sent him home with district nurses to finish the course off,plus a caffiter. The antibiotics have now been finished nearly a week ago,the caffiter comes off Monday.

    BUT he has no energy,he sleeps a lot,he don't talk to me or anyone,because he's got no interest in anyone or anything.

    I'm worried now because I thought he would build his strength up by now,but he don't seem to be picking up at all.

    Sorry to have ranted on so much but me not being a man I don't know what to do for the best for him. Norma

  • I was diagnosed last March. I had all the tests PSA glee son score 7. Biopsy normal one plus the one at the bass of the scrotum. Mri scan bone scan and it all was very scary. All through the procedure i was kept well informed and reassured. When i went with my wife for the outcome we were naturally shocked but comforted. We were given lots of options to think about. Surgery was recommended. I visited another hospital where they do keyhole surgery. I saw the consultant urologist. He explained the procedure the likely side effects and long time life changes. This took place in October. He offered me a place that week due to a cancellation. We made a decision so the same week I went in. The whole experience was exactly as explained to me. Yes the side effects happened and they went. The Caffetta i had to wear two weeks then I went back to have it removed provided I passed the test of peeing sufficiently. I then was equipped with a supply of pads. The most frightening bit for me was doing 14 injections to prevent blood clotting. My latest PSA test 0.04 I have another this month. Last April I went on a 6000kms coach tour went to the top of Etna and Vesuvious. I am 70 and take each day walking the dog and following my usual routine. Sometimes I get upset it's natural but I find I get out of it by being positive. I hope this helps. My thought and good wishes.

  • Thank you dessy,Sorry it's took me so long to reply,but I have been really busy with my hubby. Firstly I've found out he had Septseimia after the biopsy,also a water infection. Now then to bring you up to date he decided on hormone treatment and radiotherapy which his oncologist agreed with,he began the hormone treatment last Wednesday.

    Well yesterday he was so low and tearful I rang the Macmillan nurses for some advise,after she had a chat with him she told him to see his GP today,which we have done.

    He said he is not depressed so it's not his mind,but Septseimia can really bring the body down,and it can take up to two months to recover from.

    I think now he knows what his problem is he isn't quite so worried.Being a man who's never been ill in his life to feeling the way he is now Ithink that's what he finds hard to handle. He's used to me being the one with all the problems,and him looking after me,not the other way round.

    But I think he may pick up a bit now God willing,so thank you for your reply and it's good to hear your getting back to normal as much as possible.

    Like you Im a positive person,but my hubby has always been negative,but I'll get him there. You take care.

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