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I cant eat at others houses !

I cant eat other people food ! Im really specific with what I eat. Im not skiny I eat alot but when it comes to going to someone house I cant eat food there. For example I came to my girlfriends house and her mum made us dinner and I couldnt eat it. The food look good smelt good but as soon as I tried it I couldnt swallow it. And that happen since I was young. But if I go to a restaurant I can eat normally or even fast food places I dont have any problems its only when im at someones house I cant eat and if I know I will eat at someones house im always stressing about it as soon as I find out ? I think is some sort of eating disorder but I dont know . Can someone help me ? What should I do ?

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I know how you feel. I think it might just be a form of anxiety. It's especially difficult to explain the situation to others when I have no problem eating at restaurants (relatively clean restaurants, that is). It's extremely embarrassing to deal with because people draw the conclusion that I think they're dirty, when I don't.


I'm also having similar problem

Please let me know if u have found any solution


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