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Confusion over blood results

On Monday I was told by a doctor at the hospital that she had talked to several of her fellow colleagues and that they believe I have SLE and to get an appointment at my surgery and get referred to the rheumatology department ASAP. But today I saw a nurse practitioner and she made me feel as if I was being daft, saying there's nothing in my blood results to suspect sle. Don't know whether she was implying I'm a liar or the hospital doctors incompetent. This is all before the antibody test. Is this common for no obvious signs to show up in a basic blood test?

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I agree with the doctor, see a rheumatologist and let them find out. Blood tests aren't always definitive, in a small number they can be false negative, so rheumatologsts take into account patient history as well. It's a difficult disease to diagnose, even for specialists, so to indicate something's in your head is dreadful. If I was you I'd let the experts decide.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I'm going to call rheumatology tomorrow if I haven't heard anything by tomorrow just to check that I have been referred. My own doctor suspects SLE and a group of doctors at the hospital agreed they had eliminated all other reasons for my chest pains and the suspect it is SLE causing it, they also said because my bloods show high bilirubin and creatine which shows something is affecting my organs. I'm just hoping a full diagnosis isn't far off as I really want to get back to work. I have even been offered a higher paid job and a job which is less physically demanding than my current job but worry that a diagnosis of SLE could prevent me getting the job.


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