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Just a few thoughts on a rainy afternoon!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well and coping with the number of lupus symptoms that cold weather brings. Well, it's cold in Edinburgh anyways, and bucketing down with rain. Ughhh.

I just wanted to write a post to see how everyone was and especially to welcome any newcomers to the site who prefer to read the posts rather than get involved. I've had a couple of messages this week from newbies and I'd just like to say, if you need someone to talk to, please do feel free to send me a message if you don't want to talk publicly. We all need a bit of support sometimes. But I would just say, the support you find on this site is brilliant as we are all in the same boat and we provide support for each other. I have found that noone understands me better than my lupie friends!

I was also thinking, has anyone tried a pain relieving gadgety thing called 'Actipatch'? I saw an advert on the TV for it and I thought it was worth a go. There's a free sample (with £2.95 p&p) that lasts a week and all you do is stick it on to the area where you feel the most pain, with the included plasters, and it gets to work. I think the idea is that it sends signals to block the pain receptors in your body... or something similiar anyways! I tried it on my arm initially as I had a lot of nerve pain that was causing my whole upper arm to go numb. Within a couple of hours, I had all of the feeling back. It also helped with sciatic pain and muscle pain. It's not a miracle cure but it really helped. I'm just buying another one online now. I mentioned the free trial as I know times are tough and why not get a bargain if we can! Just go onto their website - - and give it a go. You never know, it might just help.

Anyways, hope to hear from you all and sending my love as always.

Suzy x

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Hi Suzy

Thank you for offering support to fellow lupus patients, you're right no one knows what lupus is like unless you've experienced it first hand. It's difficult to describe it so that doesn't help. Are you on facebook? If so I wondered whether you'd be willing to make the same offer of people contacting you via our page there, as you say a lot of people prefer to do that via messages online rather than getting involved. :)