Daily Stair climbing goal

Determined to climb 300 stairs daily.. Its not in one go, but yes by end of the day the count should be 300..

I hope doing it in intervals helps me loose few pounds.. Is it ok to do it in intervals or it has to be done in one go?

if anyone has done it, share your experience, or anyone willing to do it.. lets do it together.

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  • Day 1 completed successfully.. Looking forward for Day 2..

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  • How did you get on? Keen to know how you're getting along.

  • I'm using the London underground stairs as an extra way to boost the staircount! Good luck with the rest of your week!

  • I see you guys already rated Tube stairs - nice! blog.stepjockey.com/post/79...

  • Its going great .. I am achieving the target daily.. I have lost 1.5 lbs so far

  • Wow! Have you changed anything else or is this purely from stair climbing? Check out these case studies. Very inspiring and just shows how it all adds up.



  • I am simply trying to avoid sugar and aerated drinks. I go for sugar free tea or coffee whenever needed.

  • The underground is a great work out. Lots and lots of steps. You definitely feel the burn. Do you have to stop during the big climbs or can you get to the top without a break?

  • Stairs climbing is a good way of burning calories. The best way is climbing the stairs (10-12 steps) and coming down. You can do it 10 times after practicing it daily. Increase it slowly. Do it that you can get little exertion and rest for a while. I am doing it daily .

  • 300 sounds like a good target! I reckon you can do a couple of floors at a time and still get plenty of benefit

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