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I'm new on here. Any other adults out there with reflex anoxic seizures?

Are there any support groups out there specifically for adults with reflex anoxic seizures? I'm struggling to find anyone who has had similar experiences. In particular I'm wondering if there are any women with ras who have had issues with it during pregnancy and childbirth? I'm not pregnant but am wanting to have kids within the next few years

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I do hope I am able to help.

In adults with reflex anoxic seizures, it is more commonly known as reflex syncope, or vasovagal syncope.

As a charity, we have lots of information available about this condition.We also have information about syncope during pregnancy which you can find on our website at file:///C:/Users/c.payne/Downloads/170328-zh-FINAL-Syncope%20During%20Pregnancy.pdf

Alternatively, I can send you the information by email if you would prefer. Please do email me at if you wish for me to do so.

Best Wishes,

Charlene Payne


Thanks for your reply, that's really helpful. Do you know why there is a difference between what its called in adults and children?


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