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"It all in your head "

Helllo😄am new am 26 i have pots sydrome . So yesterday i had a uneducated stuck up ...(i can carry on but we be here all day )doctor he was very rude i have a clearly a diognois on the screen he said i had anxity! I went into doctors cause i have on going fight to get a mri i have alot of symtoms of ms they trying say it me/cfs but i dont agree . Any ways my i seem to have very unhelpful doctors am under a pots doctor i was wondering what medicine help anyone as i am due get marry this time next year i cant walk far i am dreading faint down the ali (can u imagine the enbarrsment)😯also i have asked for a wheelchair just pretty much been laughed at" ooh but u look fine "not there body that under presure after walk of two doors down my daily life has been turned upside down broken .any one got any ideas to help sorry for the rant 🙊💖

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I don't know how much luck you would have with this, but I recently read that some pots patients have chronic low blood volume. Since blood volume is not easily tested, you may have a hard time convincing an already reluctant gp to consider it.

However, it's worth bringing up, because low blood volume is a form of anemia that wouldn't show up in regular blood tests. That means you'd have all the typical anemia symptoms, such as weakness and fatigue, but no lab work proof of why the symptoms exist.


Dr's are struggling to diagnose POTS but its very real and very 'invisible' to people that are not struggling with it.

you must insist on seeing a cardiologist and ask for a 'tilt test to be performed as this will be the quickest diagnosis to POTS if you have it, medication and help and support can then be given.

I really wish you luck and hope you get this sorted.

good luck with your wedding :-) xx


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