Hi my daughter went to the doctors back in Dec and it was agreed that the gp thought that she had blue breath holding... Since then she's had a number of episodes that me and her father believe are anoxic seizures. Do we need to go back to get this confirmed? Also I saw on a ladies post that giving a care plan to a nursery might be helpful, she may be starting one soon; do you have a careplan template I might also use? Thanks in advance. Jenn

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Hello Jenn

Thank you for your enquiry. You do not say what the triggers are for your daughter's episodes. It is thought that when the triggers are caused by frustration or temper, that this is blue breath holding. However, if she loses consciousness when she has had a shock or sudden pain, then it is more likely to be RAS. You can download our Blackouts checklist to take to your GP to help get a definitive diagnosis.

You can also download a careplan from our website which can be shared with her nursery.

We would urge you to ensure you have the correct diagnosis before completing any careplans though.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to email us


Hi there hope your little one is ok, I would defo go back to the GP. Also if you can film her whilst she's having a seizure so you can show it to the doctors. We have a basic care plan written up at nursery but there is a template one in the STARS website. It has lots of info on there. Hope this helps xx


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