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On March 17th my PM went into AEI mode (safe mode). No one told me that it would reset my settings and start pacing me all the time. It will be a few weeks before I go in for the battery change. I have been experiencing chest pains, tightening and shortness of breath, along with what feels like pounding in the cgest. Is this normal? I feel like I was hit by a truck. Any suggestions?

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Have you spoken to your GP or the team where your op was originally done? That's what I would do urgently.


I was seen on Friday at the pacemaker clinic, they told me I would have to wait until Monday when my cardiologist is in for him to schedule my battery change. I was told I could have to wait several weeks before he can get me in.


I hope it goes well and they can sort you out soon.

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Thank you


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