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Is this POTS I have suffer from?

Thanks for accepting me in to the group.

I wonder if I have POTS or cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy.

I have had since early October this year:

Palpitations on and off.

Dizzy spells on and off

Flutters in chest on and off.

Wobbly heart at times.

Erratic heart rate.

Unpredictable heart rate.

Heart rate taking a long time to return to normal after exercise.

Heart rate going and staying high just after walking.

Heart rate fine some days.

In January, February and March I had:

Sharp stabbing pains in heart area.

Sharp stabbing pains in chest area.

Warm burning feeling in center of chest.

They stopped however from mid-March until October. And then carried on. I had dizzy spells last year and headaches but the headaches seem to have stopped largely since about April this year and I went from 7th May to October this year without one dizzy spell.

I have not had:-

1) Breathlessness.

2) Pains in my arm, back or jaw.

3) Fainting spells.

One issue I have had in the last two months is when my heart or whatever is the problem feels in a strange mood, it takes me a very long term to get my heart rate down if I have been walking or exercising. Like on 19th October I had been exercising for an hour and a half and my heart rate was 113, and jumped to 127 the following afternoon and didn't return to normal until 23 hours later.

Yet when I went ten pin bowling on 7th November it was 69 five minutes after I had finished. I was walking on Tuesday 29th November and it was normal, on Wednesday 30th November it was 103 and took an hour and a half to return to normal levels. On Saturday 3rd December it hit 100, and went to 112 and remained 100 or over for about five hours. I felt dizzy and that I was going to faint. Yesterday it was fine all day and stable even though I was out much of the day.

Here are extracts from my diary.

Wednesday 19th October

Felt well all day until 9pm. I had been exercising. Then felt ill and uncomfortable with palpitations, racing heart rate. Went to hospital. My heart rate was 113 bpm at 10pm. I was told on admission that I might have suffered a heart attack, as protein was found in my blood after a blood test. However, I was told that the protein reading was 27, and if you have suffered a heart attack it is much higher. A decision was made to keep me in overnight.

My heart rate reading was 102bpm at 11pm. 104bpm at 11.40pm and 107pm at 12.30am on Thursday 20th October.

Thursday 20th October

I had a bad night’s sleep. I didn’t sleep at all! I had a high and unstable heart rate all through the night and chest pains on and off. My heart readings were 98 bpm at 01.53am. 97bpm at 09.58am. 109 bpm at 12.54pm. 100 bpm at 14.30pm. 127 bpm at 16.00pm. 93 bpm at 17.30pm. 81 bpm at 19.00pm. 68 bpm at 23.00pm.

My blood pressure readings were from memory. 134/87, 128/87, 129/86, 158/109, 128/88. I had an heart x-ray and blood tests. I learned that evening that I hadn’t suffered a heart attack.

I felt better after 6.30pm and my normal self after 8pm. I slept better than evening and night.

Friday 21st October

Discharged from hospital at 1pm. Felt well all day and night. No symptoms at all. At home all day.

Heart rate 66 bpm at 07.00am. 63 bpm at 16.00pm and 68 bpm at


Saturday 22nd October

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms at all. Heart rate 66 bpm 13.47pm. 65 bpm at 17.53pm. 64 bpm at 20.50pm. 65 bpm at 22.06pm. At home all day/

Sunday 23rd October

Fine well all day and night. No symptoms. Heart rate 74 bpm at 09.31am. 76 bpm at 11.55am. 87 bpm at 16.23pm. 70 bpm at 18.30pm. 61 bpm at 23.13pm.

Monday 24th October

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms at all.

Heart rate 59 bpm at 01.20am. 70 bpm at 09.47am. 71 bpm at 12.08pm. 67 bpm at 23.07pm.

Tuesday 25th October

Felt well all day until 8.30pm. Then stabbing sensations in heart area and flutter between 8.50pm and 9.00pm. Felt well rest of night.

Heart rate 65 bpm at 14.46 bpm. 70 bpm at 17.20pm. 73 bpm at 20.03 bpm at 20.00pm. 62 bpm at 23.55pm.

Wednesday 26th October

Felt well until 3.30pm. Started feeling fluttery and pain in chest area at 16.28pm. Pain heart area. Stabbing and raw burning pain feel at 19.10pm.

Heart rate 68 bpm at 09.14am. 78 bpm at 13.40pm. 103 bpm at 16.00pm. 108 bpm at 19.00pm. 103 bpm at 20.35pm. 94 bpm at 21.40pm. 80 bpm at 23.00pm.

Pains and stabbing in center of chest at 23.25pm.

Thursday 27th October

Walked for bus at 8.40am then began to get flutters and felt uncomfortable in the chest. Felt fluttery until 4pm and a stabbing pain until 10pm.

Heart rate 92 bpm at 09.18am. 94 bpm at 14.54pm. 88 bpm at 16.30pm. 87 bpm at 18.00pm.

Sunday 20th November

Poor night's sleep. Went to bed at 1.10am and woke up at 6.30am and couldn't sleep. Had no palpitations or flutters as such but heart speeded up after eating breakfast at 9am. Not to any high or alarming rate. Feel have felt cold today until 6.30pm but not cold to touch.

Heart rate felt unstable after minimal exercise. Heart felt unstable even when I had no palpitations. Then this changed after 2.45pm when I had Sunday lunch. My heart began to race and I had palpitations. More of a uncomfortable, fluttery feeling than thud, thud, thud. This lasted for an hour or so.

68 bpm at 1pm, 100 bpm at 3.40pm, 78 bpm at 5.00pm, 76 at 19.20pm

Monday 21st November

Got up at 9am. Felt fine and had a much better night's sleep. Felt well all morning. No flutters, chest pains, palpitations, or dizziness, all reminding me of what my life was like pre-two months ago. The only thing wrong has been my right foot feeling cold again.

They felt cold until 3.10pm and then went back to normal. Heart quiet. Heart rate stable. Chest comfortable

Heart rate 67 bpm at 09.10am, 82 bpm at 13.17pm, 63 bpm at 15.13pm, 64 bpm at 17.39pm, 67 bpm at 21.39pm.

Tuesday 22nd November

Felt well morning. No palpitations or dizzy spells or pains. Had a dizzy spell PM and heart felt wobbly and unstable between 3.30pm and 4.15pm but no fast heart beat. Had short spells of stabbing pains. Then from 7pm felt well.

Heart rate 67 bpm, 72 bpm, 81 bpm, 70 bpm, 66 bpm.

Wednesday 23rd November

Felt well until 3.30pm but then heart started feeling wobbly. Left foot felt quite cold but felt well after 6pm. No dizzy spells, chest pains, or palpitations.

Heart rate 64 bpm, 66 bpm, 65 bpm, 65 bpm, 64 bpm.

Thursday 24th November

Had no dizzy spells, chest pains, flutters or palpitations. Felt normal and well.

Heart rate 62 bpm, 67 bpm, 67 bpm, 64 bpm, 59 bpm.

Friday 25th November

Poor night's sleep. Fell asleep at 2am. Felt ok but a bit dizzy after 2am. Felt ok until 11.30am then I felt uncomfortable but nothing fast. More a fluttery feel than a flutter than a thud thud thud feeling. Felt more settled by 1.30pm and then flutters started at 3pm. This continued until 6pm when I felt less fluttery. No chest pains, dizziness, heart pains, or cold feelings.

Heart rate 63 bpm, 69 bpm, 88 bpm, 78 bpm, 80 bpm, 70 bpm, 69 bpm at 23.25pm

Saturday 26th November

A very poor night's sleep. Woke up at 5.30am. Four hours sleep. Heart rate felt normal but fluttery and unstable. No thud thud thud palptiations.

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It sounds like AF - Atrial fibrillation....


Friday 28th October

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms.

66 bpm at 15.09pm. 63 bpm at 17.37pm. 62 bpm at 21.11pm.

Saturday 29th October

Felt well until 8pm. Then started feeling slightly breathless. That did not last for long but I felt uncomfortable in the chest with a sharp, stabbing pain, on and off, between 8.10pm and 10.30pm. Also felt tight in the chest but I felt fine after 11.20pm.

61 bpm at 16.00pm. 70 bpm at 19.00pm. 90 bpm at 20.33pm. 85 bpm at 21.35pm. 74 bpm at 23.14pm.

Sunday 30th October

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms at all.

69 bpm at 16.39pm. 73 bpm at 18.34pm. 70 bpm at 20.30pm. 64 bpm at 22.30pm.

Monday 31st October

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms at all.

68 bpm at 13.10pm. 70 bpm at 14.57pm. 68 bpm at 18.16pm. 65 bpm at 23.45pm.

Tuesday 1st November

Felt well all day. No symptoms at all.

Heart rate 66 bpm at 08.35am. 70 bpm at 12.50pm. 68 bpm at 16.49pm. 65 bpm at 18.27pm.

Wednesday 2nd November

Felt well until 6.30pm. No palpitations or flutters at all. A mild dizzy spell and a migraine that ended at 9pm. Felt well after that.

Heart rate 69 bpm at 10.21am. 62 bpm at 12.37pm. 65 bpm at 16.50pm. 67 bpm at 18.56pm. 65 bpm at 20.52pm.

Thursday 3rd November

Felt well until 6pm. Then started with palpitations and feeling generally uncomfortable. Thought not as severe as 19th/20th October or 26th October, it lasted throughout the night.

Heart rate 64 bpm at 8.52am. 65 bpm at 11.43am. 86 bpm at 20.40pm. 90 bpm at 22.52pm.

Friday 4th November

Didn’t feel great all day and noticed my heart rate even though it wasn’t above 100.

Heart rate 91 bpm at 10.06am. 90 bpm at 16.08pm. 87 bpm at 17.50pm. 70 bpm at 19.25pm. 80 bpm at 21.40pm. 63 bpm at 23.30pm.

Saturday 5th November

Felt well until 2.30pm. Had a minor flutter but was well after 4pm and felt well rest of the day and night.

64 bpm at 11.35am. 83 bpm at 14.54pm. 64 bpm at 17.11pm. 62 bpm at 19.12pm. 66 bpm at 22.12pm.

Sunday 6th November

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms.

Heart rate 64 bpm at 09.17am. 66 bpm at 13.26pm. 80 bpm at 16.01pm. 68 bpm at 19.05pm. 66 bpm at 22.00pm.

Monday 7th November

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms.

69 bpm at 14.22pm. 67 bpm at 19.58pm. 65 bpm 22.02pm.

Tuesday 8th November

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms.

Heart rate 65 bpm at 10am, 78 bpm at 14.06pm, 68 bpm at 17.41pm and 68 bpm at 22.52pm.

Wednesday 9th November

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms.

64 bpm at 11.57am. 67 bpm at 16.22pm. 62 bpm at 21.16pm.

Thursday 10th November

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms.

Heart rate 62 bpm at 08.03am. 70 bpm at 11.15am. 66 bpm at 14.27pm. 66 bpm at 21.02pm. 61 bpm at 23.55pm.

Friday 11th November

Felt well all day and night. No symptoms.

Heart rate 61 bpm at 08.21am. 74 bpm at 15.42pm. 70 bpm at 19.38pm.

Saturday 12th November

Felt well until 2.15pm. Then felt a bit fluttery until 2.45pm. Felt well until 6pm when the palpitations started. Felt uncomfortable and unpleasant and uneasy but there weren’t any pains in chest, left arm, back, jaw and didn’t feel dizzy or out of breath. This lasted until 10.30pm and I went felt back to normal at midnight.

68 bpm at 12.43pm. 89 bpm at 14.26pm. 119 bpm at 18.03pm. 113 bpm at 18.42pm. 122 bpm at 20.12pm. 112 bpm at 20.55pm. 84 bpm at 21.50pm. 74 bpm at 23.50pm.

Sunday 13th November

Felt better and mainly well. Had a bit of chest pain around heart area in particular at 8pm. Heart rate better but unstable. More stable after 6pm. No dizzy spells, pain in left arm, jaw or back.

70 bpm at 10.38am. 89 bpm at 12.47pm. 68 bpm at 14.46pm. 79 bpm at 16.27pm. 86 bpm at 17.30pm. 76 bpm at 19.45pm. 71 bpm at 22.10pm.

Monday 14th November

Felt well until 1pm. Felt pain in heart area at 13.03pm but that didn’t last long. Ended five minutes later. I felt uncomfortable in the chest area and my heart rate felt unstable. This lasted all afternoon until about 5.30pm. I had my blood pressure taken at 16.15pm and it was 144/93.

Thursday 17th November

Felt generally today. Felt well getting up. Then I felt a bit unstable in the chest at 9.45am. I felt like this until I visited a friend of mine who lives half a mile away. Got there at 7.30pm. Was there until about 10.45pm and we took his dog out for a walk at about 9.30pm. Felt dizzy some of the night, but didn't feel breathless, and I got no pain in my arms, chest, back, and had no breathing problems. My chest felt fluttery at 11.20pm but had no thud thud thud palpitations. Had none of those today at all.

Heart rate 66 bpm at 9am. 78 bpm at 10am. 65 bpm at 12.45pm. 71 bpm at 15.13pm. 67 bpm at 17.30pm. 89 bpm at 20.44 bpm. 65 bpm at 23.25pm.


Have you had a 24 hour heart tracing? I assume they had you monitored on your admission. If your heart rhythm is regular but fast during these episodes then you might benefit from medication eg a bblocker. It could be worth going back to your GP just to make sure nothing else is going on and look at treating your symptoms. I have POTS and have been very symptomatic in the past with palpitations and chest pain. I am much better now with low dose medication and lifestyle changes. I hope you find some answers.


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