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My daughter is 6 she has been collapsing since 2014. Generally recovers quickly (usually within 15/20 mins). I have pinpointed it to her having a viral illness or pain of some kind. However on tuesday she had one during her pe lesson in school. This is the first time i haven't been with her. She took days to recover from this one, she was very lethargic and slept for 2 days. I am concerned that this could be looking more like some form of epilepsy. I took her back to the hospital and they said they thought it could be a urine infection and started her on some antibiotics. Just wondering if any of you had been through anything similar with your children? She has had a 24 hour ecg previously that came back clear and i demanded an mri scan which came back clear also. I dont know where else to turn really.

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Hi Lisa.

Please get in touch at info@stars.org where we can offer support and advice.


Its so scarey when they are little. My son is four and has been passing out for last 8 months. He has had some severe episodes one his heart stopped and the doctor gave him cpr. He had an ecg plus an eeg. A holter monitor was used on him by the cardiologist we went to. He also told us it could be an iron deficiency but we haven't managed to get the blood tests done to check as pain and stress trigger him to pass out. I reckon try every avenue and keep going till you are satisfied your daughter is diagnosed correctly and had every test possible. We are only part way there and in Australia even the paeditrician s are not familiar with it. I wish I could find an expert doctor to go to. My son sleeps straight after an episode and is tired for at least a week. We were told to increase salt and give him electrolyte ice lollies daily to help him I guess cause of the heat here.


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