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Negative Tilt test?

Hello All,

Recently my Nueroligist ordered a tilt table test and during the 90 degree stand, I passed out. It was at the 19 minute Mark I believe. I remember seeing my BP at 20/15 on the monitor after I awoke. A week later my doctor called and said all test were normal? By the way I was not give the intervenes drug to induce syncope. Could anyone tell me why this might be a negative test when you pass out?


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I would ask them to check the test result again incase the tv misread it or confused yours with another person of a similar name.they could be trying to put you off to because you may have pots syndrome and it took me over 30+yrs having to push des by insisting they did more tests.I was largely disbeleived for years about my syncope.I'm sure they thought I was lying.they used to put the blood pressure machine behind you during tilt.tests so you couldn't see what the reading when I told them during the tilt test that my no was getting dangerously low, they got a shock.ask for a 24he heart and blood pressure machine. Mind I had to have those around 5 times until they finally caught some episodes on tape. Have thyroid function and heart each and echo too.if no better and you're still blacking out with low B.P.ask about neuro endocrine hypertension. Its a blockage at the back n'm of your neck controlled by your nerves and hormones that cuts the oxygen off for a second or so to your brain,at the same time it can make your no drop very low.just keep badgering them until you get your answers.after all that's what they get paid for ! andiandjohm


Thank you for the input, I will ask!


I would guess it depends on what they were testing for?

Tilt Test is usually ordered to diagnose POTS, which to be diagnosed needs the heart rate to increase by 30 beats per minutes within the first ten mins of being tilted upright. BP doesn't necessarily need to fall.

I wouldn't say that low a BP is normal though. Ask for a copy of your results if you're concerned. Or ask for a second opinion.

Hope you get some answers soon! :)

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Thanks for the repy, I'll be submitting a request for the results Monday. I'm assuming they were testing for POTS, I'm just not sure why a weekly after the test the doctors called and said you don't need to come in for your follow up, your fine. I have an autoimmune disease called Autonomic Nuropothy, and I was looking for a second opinion. I told the Nueroligist that I get dizzy frequently and being only 30, I was concerned. Could it be something heart related ? If so, wouldn't they suggest I see a different specialist if they saw something odd?

Thanks again!


I was referred for the Tilt Table test by my Cardiologist as Neurologist tests were all fine.

I wasn't being tested for POTS, it was for vasovagal Syncope & it was positive..

They didn't allow a complete faint as they told me they don't like to do that & will put me into the laid flat feet raised position as soon as my rates drop or I start to feel like I'm going to faint. They did exactly what they said they would. I now have an ILR (Implantable loop recorder) fitted into my chest to see if my heart stops when I faint so they can fit a pacemaker if necessary :(

Maybe all hospitals are different in what they want to get from the results but if you fainted I would definitely get in touch with them as I was told that is a definite positive result.

Good luck



Extremely helpful, thanks for the feedback. I didn't think this was normal and now my suspicions are ten fold. I see the Dr. Wed. I hope to here what the h*** is going on. Are your fainting spells frequent?

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I am so sorry, I have no idea why I put negative, (now edited) my results were positive, very positive, I have no idea what I was thinking albeit I was having a few bad days with my Vasovagal & it makes me a bit wappy lol. 

I had a LINQ ILR implanted in my chest in January to see if my heart stops when I faint as I seize at the same time which is what my cardiologist had recommended if I had a POSITIVE TTT.

I haven't actually had a faint since mid Dec thankfully but do have frequent episodes of the dizzy, light-headedness, not knowing where I am etc, I feel drunk more than anything at the time. 

I have been having faints intermittently since I was 16 (now 39) & it was originally diagnosed as anxiety & stress. Thankfully after a few really bad out of the blue episodes last year I was able to go privately through my health insurance & finally got a diagnosis that is correct.

If you fainted on the TTT then you were positive, I would definitely ask for a second opinion.

Good luck xx


So they diagnosed me with Ehlers Danos Syndrome, and a POTS like syndrome 


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