Hi I was wondering if anyone could help? I am at my witsend trying to workout what is wrong with my daughter who is 12yrs old, she has had episodes of fainting since she was s baby now recently these faints have been happening upto 20*maybe more a day. Yesterday I got a phone call from her teacher to say that she is able to attend school as normal, she has been in school today and so far has fainted 10-12times already but they are still keeping her in school.Can someone help me as I don't know what to do and it is worrying for me

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  • Sounds awful. How far have you got with your GP? There's some brilliant information on the STARS website, have a read through on there. You're not alone and there's lots of advice that they give, both things your daughter can try, to help the situation, and depending on the cause, different medication through your doctor. Good luck!

  • Just over 12 months ago I was in a similar position with my then 14 yr old daughter. Thanks to persistence on my part - and a GP and paediatrician who were unswerving in wanting to get to the bottom of it - she has since been diagnosed with RAS (info on the STARS website) and it appears we have it under control with the help of Midodrine. If did help that I videoed several of her faints and fits to show the medics. Best of luck

  • Sorry what does RAS stand for

  • Reflex Anoxic Seizures

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