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health & safety risk

My son is on Midodrine & Fludrocortisone. He used to pass out 4/5 times a day everyday until Feb'15 when he was put on Fludro he did continue to pass out but only once a week so much better, to minimalize that he was put on midodrine in June'15 things really change for him he only passes out once every 6/7 weeks now. He has always wanted to be a plumber so he went to college in Sept to do a plumbing course. The college were fully aware of his condition. Unfortunately he passed out in the toilet when he bent over to pick up his college pass that he dropped. The college asked for a meeting 2 days later in the meantime I was in contact with The hospital & told them there was every chance he was going to be asked to leave. They doubled his medication. When we went to the college they told him he wasn't allowed to return due to being a health & safety risk incase he passed out in the workshop. Yes I sort of agree he is a risk, but they knew his condition & what was involved & still let him on the course. There are people there who are epileptic who are just as likely to have a fit as my son is to pass out. He is absolutely devasted & now he can't get into college to do any course till next sept so is just stuck at home!

I'm gutted for him just when things were starting to look on the up, this door slams in his face.

Am I the only one that thinks this is unfair X