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No longer 'under investigation'

So, 6 weeks after fainting and having undergone mri, ct echo cardio and 24hr trace tests, I had a follow up appointment last night with my consultant. I was hugely relieved to hear that although a slight heart murmur was detected, the heart tests came back fine and my fainting episode is very unlikely to have been caused by heart issues. So I may well be one of those people who faints once in a life time..... Unless I faint again, no further investigations are going to be taking place. Fingers crossed! I can't drive till October:( , but am feeling much happier this morning. Having to walk 20 minutes to the station twice a day is only going to do me good.


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You must feel very relieved. Have you seen our reflex syncope booklet which will give you long term prevention advice. Also provides immediate action advice should you begin to feel faint at anytime. Our members find this very helpful. If you would like a copy email info@stars.org.uk


Thank you for that - I will send an email and keep the booklet safe x


So glad to hear your good news. Look after yourself.


Good news...I'm pleased for you.

Long may it last!



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