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UK How do we find out if my husband is having Anoxic Seizures?

My Husband and I have been married for 45 yrs and during that time I believe he may have suffered five episodes of Anoxic Seizures,,,possibly more before I met him. It has never been diagnosed, but we were told when he suffered an episode in Florida that it may be due to AS. We hadn't heard of it but he did speak of it to local Drs who didn't comment..He has now just been to hospital because he had a seizure in middle of night. He seems to experience these problems when he is in severe pain, as he was from a bad neck last night. He becomes rigid blue and appears to stop breathing for a while. He makes a strange snorting noise too. He is 67 yrs old. Florida ruled out Epilepsy. Docs here wouldn't commit when looking at a curvature he has in his spine. The 5 times it has happened have usually been preceded by severe sharp pain from non-related problem(screwdriver accidentally went into hand - sharp muscle pain from spine bending over to put shorts on , car shunting into his causing whiplash, severe bowel pain during an IBS episode and really bad neck pain last night. Is there anywhere in the U.K. we can suggest to our G.P. that he can go to get a diagnosis does anyone know?

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You do not say where you live but if you would like to email me,, as to where you are in the UK I will signpost you to an electrophysiologist (a heart rhythm expert) who will be able to identify what may be causing your husband's episodes. From the little you say, it appears that pain and shock could be the triggers but a diagnosis is needed.


Thankyou SO much for replying.....I will e-mail you.


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