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Has anyone experienced reduced appetite, I've checked out the side effects of the meds I'm taking and can't find weight loss/ reduced appetite with any...I'm not too worried at the mo as need to loose about a stone or so, but when I have a meal I've been eating about the same as my 7 year old. Didn't know if this was a symptom of scleroderma...thanks

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  • It could be the medication, what are you taking?

    It could also be your natural metabolism kicking in, remember to keep the vitamins and minerals flooding in ^_^

  • Hi Kerry, I have not experienced any reduced appetite or weight loss although I maybe could do with losing a couple of stone. Not sure if it could be your meds...if you google question you should get your answer.

  • Hi Kerry,I have gullet problems connected to CREST (Limited Scleroderma).The food I eat does not go down easily and I have medication to help me.I also have liquids with everything I eat.My appetite is very good and I enjoy my food although I am limited to what I eat so as not to irritate my gullet.This may be relevent to you but there may be another reason for your loss of appetite.Sometimes we assume all our health problems are connected to scleroderma but each change in us should be investigated. Hope this is of help and I wish you well.

  • Hi Kerry, I also have a very reduced appitite but I am not loosing weight but seem to be retaining a lot of fluid. I suffer from swallowing/gullet problems caused by Limited Scleroderma, for this I take Omeprazole and Metroclopramide, which are supposed to help!!! I am also on Mycophenolate Mofetil. Just to add insult to injury I also suffer with Polymyositis. My Gp has advised that I eat little and often which helps but I still can only eat small amounts before feeling very full. I often wonder if it is the medication or something more. I hope this is of help to you and take care of yourself.

  • Hi Kerry72.

    I have a reduced appetite, as well as other symptoms. My daughter also eats more than I do. Due to Scleroderma, have whole digestive system involvement.

    If your appetite is causing you concern, and the weight loss is unplanned, it's worth speaking to your GP about it. Don't be afraid to tell them every single detail.

    There is always a possibility that it may be something unrelated to Scleroderma.

  • thank you everyone for advice, I'm not too worried at the mo as I'm still eating...just tiny portions and like I said I need to loose a few pounds!!! I am on omeprazole as I get horrendous reflux and I often need to drink water with my meals to help, I've recnetly had a barium meal which came back normal. I've no idea if my reduced appetite has anything to do with scleroderma but I think I will keep an eye on things and if I dont see an improvement in the next month or so I'll speak to my GP about it. Thanks again x

  • I have scleroderma and suffer from a reduced appetite sometimes for weeks at a time. I had tests and they showed no issues - and then found that a holiday and some rest solved it. Whenever it's happened since I can see it's related to fatigue. So try taking it easy and see if that helps.

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