Warmest cars?

Whilst all the vehicle manufacturers and sales people tout performance stats like fuel consumption, I find it really difficult to compare which vehicles heat up fast in the winter and which to avoid. I dont think its entirely down to the relative size of the engine v the size of the interior space although logically that would be the case! This is really important info for our community - any suggestions from experience?

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  • Other factors I find helpful that are not vehicle specific are - having access to a garage so I dont have to scrape the ice off before I even start; using a sheepskin car seat cover (or a heated seat if available is nice!) sheepskin steering wheel cover.

  • I havent had many different types of cars here in the UK, but the Astra we have now does ok. It heats up fairly quickly and keeps nice and warm. I know during that cold spell we had it seemed to do the job adequetly. I would so love to have a car that the seats heated, wouldnt that be heaven! And the steering wheel is definetly a problem. Trying to get it all warm enough to not cause an attack is impossible!

  • Agreed, heated seats are fantastic - I have only experienced these as a passenger so far, but even these take a while to heat up properly, and am not sure that you could cover them - might that cause a fire risk? The seat cover trick is really good for taking the edge off sitting on a cold seat. "Adequate" in last winter's cold spell sounds pretty good to me - thanks for the vote for the Astra! I currently have a Fiat Doblo which is OK when it has got going but is so big on the inside it takes forever to warm up. Am thinking ahead to the next car, hence the question.

  • Our Nissan Micra (old style) heats up quickly.

  • I have a Corsa and that is pretty good - I hate waiting for the car to warm up though!!

  • I have a Peugeot 107 and because of its size heats up quickly. Has fabric seats so not really a problem but a sheepskin steering wheel cover sounds like a good idea, It is the best car I have ever had, it's automatic (no painful gear changes for legs/feet or hands) and is soooo cheap to run! And it's 95% recycleable!


  • I have a KA which is like driving in a green house in the summer. it doesnt take too long to warm up in the winter either but the steering wheel is a huge problem being so cold. A heated steering wheel woul dbe good.

  • Thanks everyone - this has the potential to become a very useful resource - already we've had 6 cars mentioned! I'd like to add the worst one I have ever had which was a VW Beetle! (ages ago though, maybe they have improved now ? ....)

  • I know Beetles were horrible in the past, no idea what they are like now though. We are getting a new Scirroco in two weeks time so I will let you know how it does 8) It has dual climate control which will be a bonus, as I drive my poor husband out of the car with the heat!

  • A Lexus IS200 has heated seats fitted as standard and warms up quick. You can also direct the heat jets on to your hands on the steering wheel. It is the best car I have ever driven for keeping me warm. MIne is old but new ones are quite pricey. Other manufacturers fit heated seats as an optional extra, I believe Toyota do.

  • Sheepskin steering wheel cover- thanks for the tip!

  • I have a SEAT Ibiza nd it takes ages to warm up. In fact, today I have been sorting out gloves to wear first thing at mornings when Id rive to work. I can't believe it is so cold already:(

  • Here in rural Aberdeenshire it has never been warm enough for me to ditch my finger-less gloves for driving/working this summer at all! Likewise, my thermal socks!

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