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Digital ulcer or something else


My finger has a crack at the very tip pretty much under my nail and its hurting so bad it hurts to touch it the slightest . I've been warned about digital ulcers but not sure if this is the start of one or just a cut from dry skin it's my middle finger only that is going this dry almost thicker skin with painful feeling .. has anyone had this ?

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I have exactly this same thing on my middle left finger. The nail hasn't grown up in that corner since it broke right down on one side. When the Raynauds sets in that finger is one of my worst for it and it aches really badly. I do get these sores/ cracks on my fingers in winter though and I am not sure if they are ulcers either. So I will be following your post with interest. Hope yours clears up soon. X

I also get these regularly. They are painful and take ages to heal. I put antiseptic cream/lotion on and protect the fingertip with a plaster or other dressing, trying to leave the actual cracked area open to the air to help the healing. I change the dressing several times a day and try not to get it wet. Paracetamol helps with the pain. All this takes over your life a bit, but has so far prevented ulceration for me (fingers crossed!).

I used Medihoney to help speed up the healing. These ulcers are so painful. This is how I was diagnosed with diffuse scleroderma. It was the first symptom. A year later I still have the indented area on 3 fingers and I last the first 8mm of the top of my left index finger. Do not hesitate and see a Dr. Immediately. They become infected very easily. I was given a calcium channel blocker and sildenafil to increase the blood flow into my digits. As soon as I started the sildenafil my wounds began to heal. Just be aware it takes a long time to heal. Keep the ulcers covered and moist. I used triple antibiotic to keep them moist. After a while wound Treatment told me to use betadine (povidone iodine) and then keep them dry just apply 3-5 times a day. Do whatever you need to do to keep them safe from bumping or accidentally hurting them. There is lots of info on line on how to treat them but in my opinion go see a wound specialist. Blood flow is everything. Search out supplements that are vasodialators discuss them and prescription meds with your Rheumatologist to see if they can help. Good luck and my sympathies and heart goes out to you and anyone suffering from these ulcers. Winter is coming please see what to do keep yourself warm. Very good info on Inspire of how people care for their ulcers and prevent them.

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