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Hi everybody, thank you to everyone that replied to my previous post. You will be happy to know that today my body is no longer reminding me that I fell over on Saturday! I have 2 hospital appointments in March plus a visit to the physiotherapist. I consider myself lucky enough to be looked after by 2 wonderful teams of people, 1 at York and the other at Chapel Allerton. My granddaughter asked me the other week (she is 11) if I minded taking so many tablets! I thought for a moment and said sometimes I wished I didnt have to take them but, they keep my condition under control, she is brilliant, if she is with me at breakfast time or other meal times she will get my tablets out, she knows what each tablet is taken for, shes my star!! I took part in the "what makes me smile campaign" I chose my granddaughter. Well, I hope our friend Scleroderma is being kind to you all today and smile and wave folks, smile and wave.

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