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Morphoea - Curious

Hi I started with Morphoea when I was 11 years old, I am now 40. I have flare ups of new patches every now and again. I am prescribed cream for the patches to reduce the itchiness and help make them soft. Other than a medicated moisturiser I have never been prescribed anything else or given any other treatment. In 2015 I was told I have generalised Morphoea. Should I be getting more treatment or be more closely or regularly checked out? I only see a consultant if I advise I have new patches. Any thoughts would be a appreciated. Thanks

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I think that you should see your consultant.


I agree with Zenabb, it's best to see your medical consultant. Many private health and nutrition shops are quite knowledgeable with various and rare conditions. Many of them have literature/books and I've dealt with shops that have small libraries and/or lots of materials and references on health. You could also seek natural healing, homeopathic methods if you'd like . . . those are some options that will give you a variety of options and get you more acquainted with possibilities and remedies. I wish you better comfort and more satisfaction to new discoveries on your curiosities.


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