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ACL surgery recovery

I had ACL surgery at the start of April last year due to an old injury gained from dancing. About 3 months following this, I tore a ligament in my knee and was unable to do much exercise for another 3 months apart from what the physio had prescribed. My knee is now technically fine, but still hurts and swells up for about a day after I've done any exercise (I tend to go to the gym for around an hour). Does anyone have any experience with recovery and whether this is normal? I was told before my surgery that due to the bone structure in my knee, there would be a risk that ACL wasn't enough and I'd need a full replacement, although it was unlikely to be in the near future.

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I can see that you posted this 6 months ago now. I just joined this group because I'm due to have ACL reconstruction in Autumn. How are you now and has the swelling subsided?


I've realised that if I do exercise regularly but to a lesser level than what I did when my knee was fine it's ok. It's still virtually always slightly sore but you learn to live with it so it isn't too bad. Overall, I'd suggest sticking to the physio regiment and if it starts getting too sore for you to do exercise then speak to your consultants about it

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Thanks for replying. I'm very apprehensive about getting it done. I've just received the call to say it's likely to be September. I've don't do much work to stabilise the knee that I don't have any On going pain now.

I just need it done because I want to return to netball.