Thumb/wrist pain

Hi so I have problems with my wrist and thumb, I picked up something heavy the wrong way i have gotten x rays on it and they said nothing was wrong then I had a MRI and they said it's a tissu sprain. It hurts my thumb is numb my hand is swollen no one can touch it or else I start to cry and I can't move my wrist cuz of the throbbing pain and or bend my thumb all the way and my wrist can't even stay straight without the pain, 9 have a splint thing on but it just hurt so much. Please help I'm in so much pain not even Tylenol or Advil will work for the pain neither does ice.

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  • You could always go to your doctor tobget some prescription painkillers. Be sure to bring a picture of your MRI. I hope it'll feel better!

  • Not allowed to have pain killers they react with my other meds

  • Do you think you could get some natural remedies?

  • I've tried cream, I've tried heat and cold it doesn't take away the pain

  • No i mean like organic painkillers.

  • What's organic pain killers ?

  • They are pills that dont contain anything unnatural like drugs. You can get them over the counter. They dont really have to be "pills" but theyre usually taken orally.

  • Oh?? Depend so , do they have decongestion in them?

  • Whats that?

  • It would say on the box if there decongestion... I can't remember what It fully is but I can't have that cuz of my meds

  • In that case then no. This stuff aims to fix the problem itself, but a lot of times it can kill pain in the process.

  • Oh really what's it called ?

  • Oh i dont have any partivular brand in mind, but if you go to the store then the workers can help you out.

  • Okay thanks illl try that

  • Youre welcome. Let me know how it goes :)

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