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Foot pain and lump

Foot pain and lump

Hi I posted this in pain concern but got no replies so thought I'd try here.

I hurt my foot in may last year I missed a step and landed on top of my foot which twisted it round.

I had an x ray when it first happened they said nothing was broken but that there is a cyst from a past trauma. It causes me a lot of pain every single day and I'm on my feet a lot because of my job sometimes for 14.5 hours in a day.

It hurts a lot when walking but when I'm relaxed I get twinges and shooting pains and my foot feels like it might start cramping up.

What do people do for this sort of pain? I have been waiting for an appointment since summer last year and I finally have an appointment next week with trauma and orthopaedic surgery. Has anyone had any experiences on what to expect?

I'm open to having surgery if needed as I can't go on everyday in this pain. What should I expect?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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Looks like what I have had. Damage to your ATFL. I had to have surgery to reconstruct the ligaments (and a repair to a split peroneal brevis tedon). They didn't discover exactly what the problem was until I had an MRI scan. I had surgery at the beginning of October and have only just started on physio & hydrotherapy. It is a slow healing process, up to 12 months from surgery.


Thank you for your reply

oh no that doesn't sound fun hopefully I will find out on Wednesday. Did you have to have surgery or was it your choice? It just kills every day.


I was told after the MRI by the orthopedic consultant that surgery was my only option to rectify the problem I had. He took one look at the MRI result and said surgery is the only thing that will sort this out and referred me immediately to the surgeon who did the operation.


Thank you Allison

I hope it doesn't take you too much longer to heal.


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