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Have I missed anything? Its good to be back!!!

I've been offline for quite awhile trying to sort out my health and medication...I now feel that I'm back on track with things and hopefully it will stay that way. I need a break from the ups and downs that we all experience with our autoimmune disorders. i am now completely off steriods and I have weaned myself of Fluoxitine and Amitriptyline...I'm trying to keep to the minimum of drugs. I've been on constant medications since I was about 22 years old I am now 45..will be 46 in June... a hell of a long body needs a break!!! Of course I'm still on next course is due in May and I so hope that my consultant doesn't mess it up...coz I do want it in May!!!

I hope all my fellow SS sufferers are doing well and that the start of 2012 has been good to you all.

Take care xxx

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Hi June

Nice to meet you , I saw your post regarding starting Rituximab and have been wondering how you have been getting on with it? I am in the middle of reading the 4th edition of the Sjogrens Handbook and I felt that this is a very heavy duty drug I hope that it has been of great benifit to you.

Take care



Hi Cheryl

This is my second dosage of Rituximab and it has gone well but don't seem to last very long in my case. I have had problems during infusion, throwing up and just feeling quite unwell with it but usually passes quite quickly. The treatment has only worked for only a few months for me. I'm back at the hospital next week to see when I will be able to have my next dosage. It is alot to take it and i advice you to talk to your GP and consultant. Let me know how you get on. xxx


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