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Hi I have been on Sulfasalazine for over 6 mths now and my symptoms have improved so much, most of my markers are normal except crp, why?

Why would my crp still be increasing any advise please on how to bring it down. What could be causing it to be so high

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Hi there. Are you taking Sulfasalazine for primary Sjögren’s or for RA I wonder? And when you say your CRP is so high and yet your symptoms are improving - which symptoms are these and what number is your CRP? I ask because mine is usually high apart from when I’ve been on steroids. I’m on Mycophenolate now and it’s still raised as is PV/ ESR.

A Sjögren’s specialist says that raised CRP is not normally associated with Sjögren’s - more commonly associated with RA. I have primary Sjögren’s. I don’t hold it against Mycophenolate because some other bloods have improved as have joint symptoms - but it never came down fully when I was on Sulfasalazine (only lasted 3 weeks before anaphylaxis!), Hydroxichloraquine or Methotrexate.

Only steroids take my CRP down to normal.