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Interesting...just found this but don't have vertigo at the moment but would be curious to try this. Anyone else tried this?

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I had mentioned this to my gp when i had it and she said they can't do it unless had specialist training- i did settle down without treatment.

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Hi. I'm an audiologist and deal with dizzy patients. it's a very good technique as long as the condition is caused by loose crystals in the semicircular canals which control your area of balance in the inner ear. And yes, most GPs are not trained in this. It's usually a vestibular physiotherapist or an ENT specialist who do these manouvres.


Hi my aunt who had a brain injury did this with good success. It was for dislodged crystals and hasnt had it since. She was in a wheelchair and saw simeine specialised in the technique. She was physically assisted to do it by a few staff, then sat upright for a day or two with a neck brace on to keep her head in alignment, in an armchair at night. Worth a try but i would try to find an experienced practitioner if you can.


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