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Hi nice to find this site I was diagnosed last year with sjorens and about 7 or8 other autoimmune diseases I take plaqunil and immuran and gapapentin(2000 mg ) and many more pills I have read up on this disease and all the others I have I feel like a hypercondriact I feel sorry with everyone that has this cause people don't understand how you feel.

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  • Hi you are definitely not a hypochondriac with all those medical issues. Iv just joined this site too.

    I agree this syndrome is exhausting then add on another few 😬

  • Hi I know how you feel I have a list as long as your arm with autoimmune diseases but 3 months ago I started taking Black Seed Oil my kidney specialists said last time I went my blood test was better than perfect and took me off most of my tablets, I have never had a perfect blood test, look up the benifits on Google.

  • Hi Fisherman - I am so sorry that you are feeling like a hypochondriac. These diseases can truly do that, and I know I felt that way after I brought in my first list of meds to my doctors office for a review. I was pretty horrified because there are so many. Just be patient with yourself. These do take quite a while to work out for each individual, and it may get to a remission or at least mostly controlled stage at some point. Here's hoping for the best day you can have. Holler if you have any specific questions, but do know that there are a lot of us out here...

  • are right in that people dont believe you and think youre a hypercondriac. These symptoms are exhausting, i have such painful burning eyes all the time and it seems nobody really believes me because my eyes look normal and healthy, i just wish they felt normal again !:(

  • Im right there with you. I suffer with my eyes constantly. And i have to work nights soon. My work does not care. Thats the sad part.

  • Any type of work is very hard with dry fact everything is its so debilitating to live with:(

  • Get a referral to a specialist! Untreated dry eye damage can be permanent!

  • I have been not to bad for a while just had to deal with vasculitis which put me back on prednisone and forever dealing with raynault and adding to. my problem now difficulty breathing lucky that I don't have to work I am retired just keep chugging along thanks for your friendly comments

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