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For those of you who may have missed the news posted here 4 months ago about the 12 new Sjögren's Solutions video modules, TASSA will be Posting them here individually over the coming months in order of original presentation... starting with #1 the Introduction to Bev and her history with Sjögren's and associated diseases.

You can watch all the modules on our website

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Nice to know there are 499 other brave sufferers out there! Hang in there - we will prevail! Sorry to hear of your illness, Bev. Good that you're back on track. You are my guiding light through this ghastly business.

For what it's worth, I have been using "My Colloidal Silver" (Allan Sutton) - 30 mls swilled around in my mouth for a minute and swallowed, morning and night. I seem to have a little more saliva when I wake up - it's only been 3 weeks. I have also upped my pro-biotics, as recommended by Allan, and NO MORE SUGAR. My gut has never been happier - for I truly believe that is where the root of all my Sjogren's problems may have started. (O, for a bar of chocolate!) So, maybe my immune system is improving?

But I'm still waiting for my sense of smell (and taste) to return.

We live in hope!



It's nice to hear from you again, with sjogrens it's all trial and error, you just have to keep trying everything untill you find what works for you.

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