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How to stop leaking when sitting in my easy chair !!

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This is a pain !!!

I watch TV in an easy chair with my legs elevated. Sometimes bring my knees up. As the pads that I use are not designed for this position, I tend to leak all over.

Any suggestions !!

3 Replies
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Hi Cinderal! Sorry you have to deal with incontinence. It is a hard road that takes a lot of adjustment. Have you talked to your doctor? If not, they have a lot to offer for many causes of incontinence.I like to think of incontinence products like a container. A pad is much like a plate or a tray, where a brief with leak guards is more like a bowl. If your incontinence tends to be small constant drainage, small drips or surges than a pad can be a great solution. In my experience I started with small losses of urine that a pad can handle. Then it got worse and I would have more complete losses of my urine leading to leakage. I would start to lose a lot more urine and the pad didn’t stand a chance. I finally “bit the bullet” and started wearing briefs. It was a huge mental challenge for me at first, but also instantly brought some peace and security too. I was worried if people would notice or whatever. But I wasn’t worried if my pad was going to leak. In a lot of ways it has been a huge improvement for me. Sometimes the physics of how you are positioned such as laying down in bed on your back or sitting reclined in an easy chair will quickly overwhelm a pad that might be sufficient when you are standing when you have an accident. Sometimes pads just aren’t enough to deal with your situation.

I hope this helps!


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I too would suggest trying a pull-up type product when you are reclining or lying down, because of the way it is designed it should help stop leaks that a pad just won't. It could be you only need the pull-up type product for at home and you can still use a pad type product when out and about. You probably need to experiment a bit to find the right absorbency and design that will work for you. Most online retailers are happy to send you a few samples to try to see what will work best for you before you have to invest in a whole package.

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I have started wearing men's pull-ups - they seem to leak less than those made for us women and often cost LESS.

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