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new job/diapers

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i do have need to wear diapers 24/7 for anxiety and incontinence. i am starting a new job soon, should i tell my new boss/hr. person that i wear diapers and for the reason why i need them. my new job is working in a nursing home as a dishwasher. they might treat me differently because me wearing diapers. that's why I'm wondering if i should tell them that i wear diapers for that reason????? thanks for any help with this.

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I wouldnt tell them unless it becomes necessary. Most places where I disclosed it I was treated differently and unfairly. Unless it becomes an issue I have never disclosed my medical need for diapers (such as issues with bathroom access to change and inability to do urinary drug tests).

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If you need more access time to a bathroom than normal, you may need to tell someone the medical reason for your needing to have time to leave your dishwashing duties to use a bathroom. But I would only tell the head of your human resources department, or the person who is most likely to help protect you and your confidentiality, and help keep you in your job.

If it doesn't impact your job, then I would say probably not a good idea to tell them. If they are already treating you differently, it doesn't sound like they are a very understanding lot. Which I am really sorry about. I would then try to be as discreet as possible in this situation and work to get treated like one of the team.

No one should be treating anyone differently because of the need to wear a different kind of underwear. Unfortunately, not everyone is kind and understanding.

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